Add post categories in your menu

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In order to display your post categories in your main menu, there are a couple steps that need to be done first. Step 1. Head to your sites admin section typically Step 2. Then click the Posts section, followed by the Categories Section. Step 3. Create all your categories here. Step 4. Once you have created all your categories … Read More

When WordPress Permalinks 404

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The 404/Not Found error message is one of the most hated screens on the Internet; it indicates that though you, the browser, were able to communicate with the server, the page you need was not delivered either because it was not found or because the server for some reason was configured to not fulfill the request (which is happening in … Read More

How to set up your wordpress blog


Set up your profile: First create your user profile and personal options. WordPress requires you to only give your contact email address and a nickname. Your e-mail address helps you to administer your blog. Only registered users will have access to your email so you will be notified when anyone adds comments to your post. You can add and update … Read More

Does A Web Hosting Control Panel Improve Your WordPress Experience?

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Many WordPress users want to know whether their Web Hosting control panel will make any difference to their WordPress experience. They want to know if a cPanel is better or will Plesk, HSphere, DirectAdmin or any other brand do just the same. The short answer is that there is no short answer. To each his own. It really depends upon … Read More

Why You Should Use WordPress As Your Choice Blogging Platform


Why You Should Use WordPress As Your Choice Blogging Platform There is no doubt that the blogging has changed the internet as we know it today. The days of boring, stale, static content websites are over. Bloggers have become a source of fresh and interesting content for internet users across the world. The blogosphere is constantly evolving and changing thanks … Read More

Why SEO is Important for Your Online Business


As the web grows across the world, more and more people are getting websites, making it ever more difficult to make yourwebsite shine through the crowd. Prospective customers may not remember your web address or even your company name even if you tell them. Additionally, the whole purpose of havinga website is to bring your product or service to a … Read More

Top 7 Benefits of Responsive Website for your Business


Market is flooded with different technology devices today and many more soon going to make their way into the market. As technological world continually comes up with newer devices, it forces us to adjust to it. As a business, rather than making our users adjust, we must adjust our website design so as to fit into various devices and thereby, … Read More